1. Oh god what did I do… I kinda had an idea for an Rockstar AU while I was updating my iPhone.

    Dipper got picked up by a talent agent for his Lamby Song and signed both him and Mabel (because come on, twin stars? people love it) to work as child stars. Every summer, they would take a break in Gravity Falls to get away from the public eye. Like in canon, Dipper finds the book and shit goes down in Gravity Falls, then him and Mabel go back to showbiz. Once their contract is up (since they’re now teens), Grunkle Stan takes them under his wing and turns Mabel into a Pop Princess and Dipper a guitarist. Soos works as the stage manager,  Wendy is costume designer, Robbie does make-up (come on. He’s very fashionable when it comes to make-up and you all know it), Waddles is the swag coach and Stan’s producer (no duh). Dipper is still (secretly) into discovering what the book has to offer, plus the other mysteries out there and the ones he and Mabel encounter during tours.

    So the duo is a pair of teenage heartthrobs and gather quite the fanbase (Gideon is Mabel’s number 1 fan/creepy-ass-stalker and still has his book) and they tour through Blithe Hollows. During a stage set up, Dipper gets wrapped up in ghost possession and meets our adorable medium, Norman. They two crush on each other, yadda yadda, Dipper sneaks Norman into a concert, Norman feel intimidated by star aura, Gideon fucks shit up YOU KNOW THE USUAL KIND OF STUFF

    Oh, and they get together or something along those lines.  I’ll draw more in the morning, it’s like 1AM in Canada.

    Also I was sooooo not listening to Rania’s Style while drawing Mabel. >3>;;; okayjustabitIfuckinglovethatsong

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